10 Reasons Why Couples Seek Counselling

Hello, i’m John Arber and today i’m going to talk about the 10 reasons why people come to couples counselling.

The first thing is if there are communication issues between the partners, that means if theres non communication or theres miscommunication or the message thats being transmitted isn’t being received in the same way the person delivered it.

The second one would be affairs that somebody in the relationship has had an affair.

Number 3, is addictions and somebody or a partner has an addiction it has a sever impact on the whole family.

Number 4, is compulsive lying and that’s often a protective barrier where one of the partners doesn’t want to hurt the other partner so they tell the partner what they want to hear or they’re trying to avoid some conflict.

Number 5, is parenting differences and if there’s differences between the parenting styles theres going to be conflict and that’s also going to have an impact on the children.

Number 6, is if the couples find themselves like roommates and the sexual intimacy has gone from their relationship then they often seek counselling.

Number 7, is anger and acting out on negative feelings and holding things in then explosions and that causes a big problem again in relationships.

Number 8, is unresolved differences if two a couple have got ideas that are diametrically opposed and they can’t come to the middle ground with that then they come and seek some counselling.

Number 9, if there’s been a bereavement in a family it shatters and turns the family upside down. Bereavement counselling and family counselling, couples counselling is very effective in helping people work through their grief because everybody grieves at a difference pace and in a difference manner.

and number 10 people might come because they’re only staying in the relationship because of the children.

So if any of these things resonate with you or if you need some couples counselling or to have a chat give me a call i’m John Arber on 0418 720 176. 

That’s 0418 726 176 and i’m happy to have a confidential non-judgmental free chat with you.

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