About John Arber

Selecting your counselor or hypnotherapist can be a difficult choice, so you can get to know me and feel comfortable with me i’d like to share with you a bit about me and my experience.

I was born and raised in Melbourne Australia. I am married with two grown up children.

Through my personal circumstances and experiences growing up as a young adult I was inspired to embark on a new journey from the business world to a career in counselling. In his book titled ‘On being a Therapist’, Jeffery Kottler wrote ‘It is by no accident people end up in the helping profession’ This is the case with me!

I could see how complex and ever-changing life is, often throwing difficult challenges in people’s way.  At times people can be stopped in their tracks. Often people become so overwhelmed and they do not feel comfortable talking to their family or friends. I had a strong calling to be able to be there as to make a difference and assist people in these situations to return to a meaningful life which allows them to reach the goals and dreams, they desire.  I have help many clients make those changes throughout my career.

I then set out to gain the formal qualifications and experience to be able to work in this field.  Whilst studying I undertook a placement at a residential youth drug and alcohol detoxification Centre. I then gained paid work at drug and alcohol residential settings as well as working in a drug needle exchange program. As I became more experienced and completed my post graduate degrees, I was counselling service manager, writing programs and managing and delivering services at two drug and alcohol residential settings.

I realised that so many of my clients had experienced significant losses as well as many broken relationships driving me to complete further post graduate studies in addictions, bereavement and couples’ therapy. I also researched the efficacy of Hypnotherapy and completed an Government accredited course. I have also studied media, national and international politics and practical ethics.

On completion, I worked at Swinburne University teaching undergraduate psychology students as well as diploma students Alcohol and Drugs Work. I also was a academic teacher at The Australian College of Applied Psychology teaching undergraduate and post graduate students ethics in counselling as well as bereavement studies. During this period, I contracted part time as a counsellor and hypnotherapist as to keep up to date with my clinical work.

I began to be invited to speak at national and international conferences and workshops on addictions, bereavement and teaching counselling. I have a forthcoming workshop on the topic of sexual and pornography addiction as this is becoming a huge problem as pornography and on-line sexual meetup sites are so accessible. I have just had an article published in The November 2018 PACFA newsletter Is there a case for ‘substance abuse induced sexual addiction?

I am a Clinical Member of the Psychotherapist and Counselling Federation of Australia as well as the Australian Hypnotherapy Association.

As to endeavor to make my services accessible to all, my fees are scaled according to a person’s income and circumstances. To make payments easy I have EFTPOS facilities accepting debit and credit cards. I am an accredited WorkSafe grief and loss provider and have A BUPA private healthcare provider number.

My Terms and Conditions

  • John Arber Counselling and Hypnotherapy Services are dedicated to supporting their clients. Support in between sessions is provided for clients who are regularly attending sessions.
  • In the event of cancellation or rescheduling appointments, 48 hours is required for after hours appointments including Saturday and 24 hours for weekday appointments as the full fee will be payable unless it is a medical emergency
  • My service is private and confidential. Please note that the privacy act is overridden by law  if there is risk of harm to self or others, or if a child is at risk
  • I am not a 24-hour crisis line or drug and alcohol support service. Please call lifeline 131114
  • Due to the high volume of telemarketing I do not take calls from private numbers. In this case please send me a voice message and a contact number.
  • I do not take calls from people who are intoxicated, or substance effected at the time of the call.
  • I welcome constructive lively comments responding to my Facebook Posts and Ads. Any posts that are obscene, defamatory or offensive will be immediately deleted and appropriate action will follow.

My Qualifications are as follows:

Master’s degree of  Soc Sci.  (Human Services Counselling)

Grad Cert Soc Sci. (Couples Counselling)

Grad Cert Bereavement Counselling and Intervention

Post Graduate Addiction Studies

Dip Community Services (Alcohol and Other Drugs)

Dip Health Counselling

Cert IV Hypnotherapy

Cert IV Alcohol and other Drugs

Cert IV Training and Assessment

Cert Clinical Supervision

Cert CBT