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ost of us start life well; we’re happy and carefree but at some point things can change.

I’m here to let you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With a caring and understanding ear, I’ll help you to uncover the things that are holding you back in life.

We’re not protected when we should have been, we indulge too much in things that are bad for us, or we simply make the wrong decisions about who we are in the world.

*Please note if you are in a state of panic and need assistance of chat support please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or an emergency phone 000.


Transform How You View Yourself and the World Around You


‘ve been a professional counsellor for many years, helping people from all walks of life sort out issues that are holding them back.

Regardless of what you’re dealing with, I can help you look at things objectively, talk with you about how it makes you feel and give you the tools to handle issues when they arise.

It’s all about empowering you to be your full self – confident, happy and feeling centered. Together we can transform your life and give you a different view of the world.


I’ve Got The Skills You Need To Attain your goals


here are many ways I can help, from being the supportive listener you need to providing specialist hypnotherapy /psychotherapy to deal with issues from a different angle. Here’s some of ways I aid clients in feeling better:

Empowering them to regain control of their life when in abusive relationships or dealing with self-abusing traits

Helping them to choose powerfully when faced with habits that need breaking

Giving them the self-assured confidence to go after their goals and aspirations

Teaching them the skills needed to take charge of their lives

Coaching them through challenging situations, letting them know that they’ve got the ability to beat anything they’re currently facing


Addictions Counsellor Servicing the Malvern Area and Surrounds


alvern Addictions Counsellor 

Everyone, in their course of life, encounters obstacles of some sort. For the most part, we adjust to the circumstance and overcome the emotional upset and challenges using our internal healing systems. At times, however, we can’t discover a path through the agony and can’t comprehend what turned out badly. 

It is during these times life can seem to be overwhelming and sometimes even exhausting. It truly helps to talk to a professional who can understand the actual feelings behind your words and help you find a solution to your troubles. 

Arriving at a point in your life where you identify the need for help is the initial step in acquiring control and coordinating your future. John Arber Counselling in Malvern is here to help you work towards enhanced wellbeing, offering personalised addiction counselling services. 

The most common types of addictions today are alcohol addiction, drug addiction, ICE addiction, gambling addiction, sex addiction, porn addiction, and smoking addiction. Addicts abuse the substance or activity for the sole purpose of escaping reality and experiencing a feeling of pleasure. 

The compulsive behaviour begins when the brain starts releasing dopamine, the happy chemical, in response to the activity or abuse. This means the brain associates the substance or activity with pleasure which creates tempting memories that leaves the addict wanting more. 

It might seem like overcoming addiction is impossible, but following simple steps, consistently, can help you recover. 

Addictions Therapy and Counselling Is Where You Start.

Talking to someone to share your thoughts and emotions helps a great deal. John Arber Counselling in Malvern is always available to guide you through this journey and give you a perspective on a sober living. 

Professional help comes in many different forms. It includes therapy, counselling, Rehab and support groups. These help you overcome your addictions and make you understand that to be happy you do not need to indulge in any destructive activities. 

Apart from following a professional, throughout your journey, here are some tips that can help you overcome your addiction. 

Do what you love  

Is there a creative side of you? If you love music, drawing, craft, dancing, acting or singing, indulge in these creative activities. Harnessing your creativity will make you happy as you will be doing what you love. This will become your source of pleasure instead of your addiction. 

Exercise daily 

Studies have proven that physical exercise will improve both your physical and mental health. It will keep you fresh during the day and help you sleep better at night.  

You don’t have to go too hard on yourself, start with what your body can endure. 

Read books 

Reading books can be advantageous as it will give you a new perspective to solve problems that are sometimes beyond your control. It empowers the mind and will help you recover from your addiction as well as achieve those short-term and long-term goals. If you feel like indulging into a destructive activity next time, grab a book and read. 

Practice Meditation 

Meditating and spending time with yourself helps you face your daily struggles. It gives you energy and will make you happy with being yourself. Research confirms the benefits of meditation in beating your addiction  

Seeking professional help to overcome addiction is the best thing you can do for yourself. It means that you’re aware and want to make that change for a positive future. 

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