Addictions Counsellor McKinnon


ost of us start life well; we’re happy and carefree but at some point things can change.

I’m here to let you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With a caring and understanding ear, I’ll help you to uncover the things that are holding you back in life.

We’re not protected when we should have been, we indulge too much in things that are bad for us, or we simply make the wrong decisions about who we are in the world.

*Please note if you are in a state of panic and need assistance of chat support please call Lifeline on 13 11 14 or an emergency phone 000.


Transform How You View Yourself and the World Around You


‘ve been a professional counsellor for many years, helping people from all walks of life sort out issues that are holding them back.

Regardless of what you’re dealing with, I can help you look at things objectively, talk with you about how it makes you feel and give you the tools to handle issues when they arise.

It’s all about empowering you to be your full self – confident, happy and feeling centered. Together we can transform your life and give you a different view of the world.


I’ve Got The Skills You Need To Attain your goals


here are many ways I can help, from being the supportive listener you need to providing specialist hypnotherapy /psychotherapy to deal with issues from a different angle. Here’s some of ways I aid clients in feeling better:

Empowering them to regain control of their life when in abusive relationships or dealing with self-abusing traits

Helping them to choose powerfully when faced with habits that need breaking

Giving them the self-assured confidence to go after their goals and aspirations

Teaching them the skills needed to take charge of their lives

Coaching them through challenging situations, letting them know that they’ve got the ability to beat anything they’re currently facing


Addictions Counsellor Servicing the McKinnon Area and Surrounds


cKinnon Addictions Counsellor 

The decision to seek help for your addiction is not an easy one. We commend you for taking the first step to acknowledge the fact and seek guidance. John Arber Counselling helps people in and around McKinnon to address and work through their addictions. 

There are different kinds of addictions and one can overcome them if they have the motivation and seek guidance of a professional addiction’s counsellor. We have listed some of the most common addictions that people in McKinnon and overall, in Australia deal with. 

Feel free to contact John Arber Counselling to seek help for yourself or your loved one in McKinnon is suffering from these addictions. 

Alcohol Addiction 

Also known as Alcoholism, or in modern times alcohol dependence it is common and effects people from all walks of life. It is the inability to control drinking and becoming psychologically and physically dependent on it and very hard to control it or stop all together. It can be extremely bad for health if abused as it can result in chronic heart and liver diseases as well as many alcohol caused cancers as well as acquired brain injury (ABI) These are just some of the risks of heavy drinking 

Sometimes it becomes very challenging to treat alcohol addiction. If the person is dependent on alcohol they must be willing to sober up, for good.  If they are abusing alcohol such as binge drinking, they may be able to successfully moderate. They must be ready themselves to make the change and not coerced into treatment. There are various options for people with alcohol dependence or abuse to be treated.

Some options are residential Rehabs, Support groups or seeking help from a professional addiction’s counsellor in McKinnon

John Arber Counselling specialises in addictions. Seek help today. 

Drug Addiction 

Sobriety after a period of drug abuse is not impossible, but it does take more than will power to overcome the drug addiction. Drug addiction is becoming dependent on illegal substances or prescription drugs to an extent that it creates changes in the reward centre of the brain, resulting in cravings of the drug and to feel normal. Drugs can be extremely harmful to the human body if abused. Certain drugs can cause the onset of paranoia, and drug induced psychosis. As well as motor impairments. Some have been known to cause a fatal or non-fatal overdose.   

If you are ready to quit your drug addiction and ready to seek treatment. John Arber Counselling have their doors open for anyone those ready.  John Arber Counselling services McKinnon and surrounds and will help you overcome the addiction.  

Gambling Addiction 

Gambling addiction is classed as an excessive behavioural addiction. It is an uncontrollable urge to gamble. It can be to feel better about life or to mask our stressors or anxieties. The more you feed your gambling habit, the worse it gets as you may to begin to chase your losses and your credit card debt begins to blow out.. However, if you are ready and have the motivation to quit, seek professional counselling, you have great prospects of beating your gambling addiction.   

Sex Addiction and pornography addiction 

Sex addiction is also known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder. It can be defined as the persistent sexual thoughts and fantasies and desire for viewing pornography or sexual activity. For those who become addicted they need to keep viewing different genres and watch more and more extreme pornography as to be satisfied. This can escalate to visiting parlours, talking and swapping lurid images or talking on chat lines.  As the sex/pornography addiction progresses, it has a significant impact on the person and relationships. John Arber Counselling is available in the McKinnon and surrounds and is willing and ready to help you. 

If you feel that you or a loved one needs support, help or information addictions and on how to overcome them, contact John Arber Counselling at 0418 720 176 today. 

John Arber’s List Of Qualifications

  • Master Degree of  Social Science.  (Human Services Counselling)
  • Graduate Certificate in Social Science. (Couples Counselling)
  • Graduate Certificate in Bereavement Counselling and Intervention
  • Post Graduate Addiction Studies including addictions and Neural Ageing
  • Diploma of Community Services (Alcohol and Other Drugs)
  • Diploma of Health Counselling
  • Certificate IV Hypnotherapy
  • Certificate IV Alcohol and other Drugs
  • Certificate IV Training and Assessment
  • Cert Clinical Supervision
  • Cert CBT