Alcohol Addiction

What is alcohol addiction?

An alcohol addiction is defined by an inability to control drinking due to both a physical and psychological dependency on alcohol which may or may not be evident to the person. . If you find yourself having a preoccupation with alcohol, then it’s probably time to talk to your GP about the steps you can take to get your life and health back on track.

Alcohol Addiction is a dependence and preoccupation with alcohol

Alcohol addiction means having a dependence on a substance. It is different to simply wanting a drink as those addicted will experience physical cravings and urges to drink alcohol. Changes occur in the brain of someone who is addicted to alcohol, as their brain compensates with the intake so they will feel normal after a drink.  This will result in experiencing physical withdrawals if they don’t drink. Some of these symptoms are insomnia, nausea, sweating, anxiety and physical dependence.

Some signs of alcohol dependence

  • Thinking about your next drink
  • Need to drink more to get the same effect
  • Drinking on more occasions
  • Thinking about alcohol when you wake up or at a certain time of the day
  • Consuming alcohol regularly and alone
  • Effecting your work or relationships

And more

If you’re unsure you can always contact an alcohol addictions specialist counsellor like John Arber on 0418 720 176 to get find out where you are at. John’s first chats with potential clients are free and no obligation to come in to see him.

What to do if you’re ready to get help

It’s  important to seek the help you need because if you let it drag  research evidence shows on you can end up with some pretty serious health issues which can cause permanent and even deadly effects such as cancer, liver conditions, cardiovascular diseases, memory loss and brain damage.

Treatment of alcohol addiction

The best method of successful treatment and maintenance is regular GP and alcohol addictions therapy appointments and sometimes even medication if your GP recommends it. There is no quick fix and alcohol addiction is usually a long term and in some cases lifetime chronic condition.

John Arber has helped thousands of Australians overcome their addictions. You too can contact John for a free non-judgemental chat about your alcohol consumption on 0418 720 176