Alcohol and Grief


When somebody close to us passes away the grieving process commences and Willy Warden he says that the first part of grieving is coming to terms with the reality of the loss and then he goes on to talk about the second task, which is working through the pain of the grief. Often when we are working through the pain of the grief we naturally try and avoid that pain and and some people avoid the pain by turning to drinking alcohol and it works in the short term because it numbs everything and makes people feel relaxed and some cases people fall asleep.

In the early stages of the grief drinking alcohol to suppress the emotions is not such a terrible thing it give people some respite fromt heir feelings but then we have the issue that follows is that with alcohol as we all know we need more and more to get the same effects and before a person knows it they could be drinking from 2-3 glasses of wine up to 1-2 bottles of wine and when they get to that point they usually we become dependant on the alcohol and thats where it becomes a real problem in grieving.

In my practice i’ve seen people three years post the passing of their loved one to be totally dependent on alcohol and not knowing what to do about it.

If you think you’ve got a problem and you’re stuck in your grieving and you’re suing alcohol and you feel that you are dependant now on it.

You’re welcome to give me a call on 0418 720 176 and i’ll have a confidential chat with you, obligation free of course. 0418 720 176 and thank you again for watching this video.

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