Alcohol Group Therapy

Our Group Therapy for Alcohol can be done in our couples session with your partner or in our singles session on your own. We want to make you feel comfortable so you are able to talk about your struggles and strengths openly and honestly.

Have you been thinking of trying Group Therapy for a while now but not too sure what to expect ? perhaps you’re concerned about your privacy or a little intimidated to share your story in front of a group. With Group Therapy for Alcohol we aim to make your experience as calm and supportive as possible, we understand you are going through a challenging and sometimes difficult stage of your life, that’s why I make it my goal to help you have a successful outcome.

In 2019 I will be launching my first round of Group Therapy for Alcohol addicts, this will be a safe place to help tailor solutions to your problems with an expert in alcohol addiction. I will be able to talk with you both one on one and in the group to help you reach your goals.

I am highly accredited in alcohol addiction, have taught in universities and completed masters degrees in counselling and addictions therapy. I will be able to give to the skills you need to beat your bad habits or full blown addiction to alcohol.

Benefits of Group Therapy for Alcohol Addiction:

  • Feel supported by others going through similar issues
  • Feel supported by your partner
  • Evidence based therapy
  • Qualified expert in addictions runs the therapy
  • Years of experience treating alcoholics
  • Solutions based programs
  • Tailored programs
  • Lower costs compared to one-on-one sessions for addiction
  • Confidentiality agreements signed prior to commencement
  • Limited numbers in groups
  • Not an AA prorgam
  • Closed group
  • 12 week program

We are collecting expressions of interest, so please contact me today and i’ll send you some more information and keep you updated when to next session will start.

Arber’s Addiction Group Therapy ABN: 85835435929