These Alcohol Statistics Will Leave You In Shock

Video Transcript:

Are you concerned about your drinking and your health?

Did you know that 6,000 Australians from the age of 15 and above die from alcohol related causes every year and did you know out of that 2106 of those 6,000 of those die from Cancers that are directly related to alcohol and even more frightening is that an average of 400 people a day are admitted to hospitals in Australia due to alcohol related issues and 1 person dies every 90 minutes due to alcohol related incidents and every 1 and a half minutes a person is admitted to hospital for alcohol related health issues.

On top of those statistics 13,000 people that have got cancer being treated directly related to alcohol, so theres a huge link between negative health and excessive drinking. Even at moderate drinking experts say that you can be at risk.

If you’re concerned about your drinking give me a call on 0418 720 176 and just remember that we often feel that it wont happen to us. 6,000 people that equates to maybe 10 plane loads of people, have a think about it and think about this if we had a gun and we put in the barrel one Cancer related bullet. Would you play Russian roulette with yourself? I don’t think so.

So if you think you’ve got a problem with drinking, give me a call on 0418 720 176 and i’ll certainly give you a hand to put it under control.

Thank you.

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