Anxiety Driven Erectile Dysfunction

Video Transcript:

Have you ever been frustrated or embarrassed by erectile dysfunction?

Have you been to your GP and been diagnose that it’s anxiety? and if this is the case i can help you.

It’s quite common for every male from time to time to experience erectile dysfunction and if it happens a couple of times perhaps our partner inadvertently made a negative comment about it may become very frequent and if it becomes very frequent then being intimate becomes anxiety evoked and we worry more about whats not going to happen down below then what we want to happen.

When we are intimate it really comes from the mind down, and if we’re worrying about how not getting an erection we’re worrying about what’s happening downstairs. So the trick is let the mind do what it’s going to do and the body follows.

It’s almost like the more you think about not getting an erection, the more likely you’re not going to get an erection.

I’ve helped many people get through this and get back to a nice enjoyable intimate sex life.

So if you’ve got problems and you’re concerned i can help you get your life back on track.

So give me a call on 0418 720 176 for a confidential no-obligation chat.

Thats 0418 720 176 give me a call and your life and intimacy will be back on track for you.

Thank you

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