I Can Help You Get Off ICE

Did you start using ICE and you found the rush really enjoyable and there were a lot of positive things about it. But now you find you’re using it on more days than you wanted to and you’re using quantities you never thought you would use so you’re smoking it more often. You’ve got a job, perhaps you’re a tradie and you’re driving around and you’re worried every time you see a police car that it might be your turn to be drug tested. You’re getting that rush and you’re go, go, go, go and then you’re dealing with that crash and you’re taking time of work so now you’ve got the worry not only what if you do your licence but what you do if the boss starts talking to you about the time off you’re having. So if you’ve got the motivation then i can help you get off that ICE, getting off that ICE takes determination but theres hope, so if you want to get your life together have a talk to me on 0418 720 176 and i can help you get off that ICE.

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