How Much Alcohol Is Too Much?

Often i’m asked the question of how much alcohol is too much. Hello, I’m John Arber. Studies have shown that drinking alcohol in moderation can be quite healthy and have…

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The Stages Of Change | Addictions

Stages of Change, (Adapted from Prochaska and Diclemente 1982), beating your addictions By John Arber Whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography or sex addiction, These stages will give you…

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What We Know About Shame

Shame as an emotion of self-assessment. Shame causes a person to experience anxiety as that person worries how he or she will be judged by others.  The emotion of shame can…

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fear of flying

Fear of Flying

A lot of guys come to see me because they have a fear of flying and they won’t admit it because they are ashamed of being weak. A typical client…

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