fear of flying

Fear of Flying

A lot of guys come to see me because they have a fear of flying and they won’t admit it because they are ashamed of being weak. A typical client…

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grief and loss

Anticipatory Loss

When we learn that a loved one is dying, what do we experience? Upon learning this news, the grieving process commences prior to the actual loss. The family commences the…

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Risks of Relapse – Post Rehab

You’re feeling really helpless and hopeless, you feel as though you’ve let everyone down. You’ve done the detox, you’ve been admitted to a rehab and perhaps you’ve done a  4…

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Anticipation and Addictions

Video Transcript: Today i want to explain why anticipation is a big part of the cycle of cravings and addictions and why it’s easy to relapse even if we say…

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