Anticipation and Addictions

Video Transcript: Today i want to explain why anticipation is a big part of the cycle of cravings and addictions and why it’s easy to relapse even if we say…

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anger management melbourne

Anger Management Help in Melbourne

Anger Management By John Arber Uncontrolled anger can lead to relationship breakups, legal complications, issues with friends and family and our employment. There will always be frustrating and annoying situations…

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man standing against wall

The Myth About Addiction

In this video today i wan to bust some myths about people that have got addictions. There’s no body that’s got up in the morning and said i’m going to…

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Are You Ready for Counselling?

Are you walking around with a big weight on your shoulders? Perhaps you’ve been feeling really sad? Or perhaps you’ve been feeling anxious and all those thoughts of worry weigh…

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