Charged With An Alcohol Related Offence

If you’ve got an alcohol problem and you’re charged with an alcohol related offence then you need to seek counsellor.

You need to seek this counselling before you go to court as soon as you are charged.

You need to convince the court that you’re aware you’ve got an alcohol issue and that you’re addressing that alcohol issue.

It’s much better to do this straight away and demonstrate this to the court that you are serious about changing your behaviour.

I see so many clients that have got themselves into trouble with alcohol, and some of them have never ever had an offence before and some of them have had multiple offences.

The most important thing here is to address the issue, not to sweep it under the carpet and wait until you go to court for your sentencing, but to actually be able to stand up in court and tell the court that you understand that you’ve got this issue, that you’re addressing the issue, you understand the impacts of the issue on you and others and you’re taking this really seriously under your own undertaking.

Just to let you know that there’s a lot of crimes and offences committed through alcohol. 1 in 5 families domestic violence, court appearances are alcohol related. Drink driving is a huge contributor. 30% of crashes are from people over the legal limit. Almost half of non domestic assault charges are alcohol related. In 2010 70,000 people were victims of alcohol related violence and the crime is normally of assaults and crimes usually happen in the evening.

So if you want help and you’ve been charged or you haven’t been charged and you know you’re at risk give me a call at 0418 720 176 and i can help you put your alcohol right under control.

It’s 0418 720 176.

Thank you.

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