Communication & Couples Counselling Therapy

One of the biggest problems in relationships is communication breakdown. Rather than stay stuck in the ever revolving circle of frustration, counselling can help.  Couples counselling is a way for you both to get clarity around the main issues without get muddied with old hurts, misinterpretation and blame.  Maybe you or your partner shuts down, lashes out, or gets vengeful or passive-aggressive. There is a host of dysfunctional ways to handle conflict — which serves to make the original problem that much worse.

You need to remember there are many elements, a ‘message’ is produced, and interpreted according to the listeners personal background (values, culture, experiences, knowledge and more) your body language and the context in which it was said.  A skilled counsellor can offer a safe and unbiased space to express yourself, hear and understand what each other are really trying to say and help you get unstuck from entrenched habits.

Couples counselling can help you:

  1. Learn effective problem solving strategies.
  2. Identify and express your wants and needs and how to incorporate those into your relationship goals
  3. Process, forgive and move on from disappointments.
  4. Explain your hopes, dreams and concerns uninterrupted and in your own time and own words.
  5. Understand each other better which leads to fewer unnecessary arguments
  6. Manage differences of opinion
  7. Enhance your communication skills including listening, letting go of your fears and attending from a place of love instead of fear
  8. Learning better communication skills and how to really listen to our partner without jumping to conclusions or starting an argument;
  9. Learning how to better understand the struggles, challenges and fears of our partner;
  10. Learning how to fight and disagree with each other without destroying each other in the process;
  11. Teach you how to recognise each others strengths and notice when they are demonstrating love and kindness.

If you’d like to benefit from couples counselling, contact John Arber today on 0418 720 176

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