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C ouples therapy can be the best step a couple can take if they’re considering separation, experiencing intimacy issues, arguing and/or seeking understanding. Couples therapy can help couples improve their relationship in a huge number of different ways.

I’m here to let you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With a caring and understanding ear, I’ll help you to uncover the things that are holding you back in your relationship.  Together, at your own pace, we can work through things like abuses, addictions, intimacy, sex, communication unhelpful habits and emotional issues.

Couple Therapy

It can help couples to learn how to communicate more successfully, resolve conflict, better understand each other, improve emotional connection and support bonds. No matter how long a couple have been together, no matter how deep the connection, relationships have all kinds of obstacles that need to be overcome. And, if obstacles are to be overcome, effective communication is essential.


Couple Therapy in Melbourne

I am an experienced couple’s therapist in Melbourne. The first step that I take is to teach each person how to deal with their feelings, stay composed, and use healthy communication skills to overcome the relevant issues. The majority of my couple therapy clients see a huge improvement in their communication skills as a result of counselling.

Couples therapy provides clients with a unique insight into their relationship. Together we can identify and discuss specific problems in the relationship such as sexual difficulties, jealousy or addiction. Couples therapy can be beneficial in resolving a current or on-going problem, preventing problems from escalating, or simply to help with a period of transition, trauma or stress.

My focus is on treating the relationship itself, with an aim to deliver solution-focused, change-oriented interventions. Through encouraging communication between both parties and listening to their grievances with each other, I can establish clear treatment objectives.

The Benefits of Couple Therapy

There are numerous benefits of couples therapy in treating a wide variety of relationship issues. It can be instrumental in improving overall relationship satisfaction, which in turn affects your individual wellbeing.

Couples therapy is helpful for all relationships, whether partners are straight, gay, dating, or married no matter their age. I’ve had partners from various different backgrounds and relationship statuses get in contact with me about my couples counselling in Melbourne.

In couples therapy, any issue is up for discussion. Common relationship issues include sexual intimacy, money, infidelity, in-laws, children, health problems, gambling, substance use, emotional distance, infertility, and frequent conflict.

Whatever your issues, I can provide a comfortable, confidential environment for you and your partner to communicate your feelings and experiences. My primary goal is to make sure that you feel comfortable at all times so that we can focus on the things you want to address.

Based in the Melbourne suburb of Patterson Lakes, my office is a welcoming and relaxing environment for couples therapy. In the event that you can’t attend sessions at my office, I’m more than happy to conduct sessions via a series of Skype calls. If you need support, I offer flexible, specialised couples therapy expertise.

Together, at your own pace, we can help you to work through your issues.

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