Cravings and Addiction

Video Transcript: Whether you’ve got a sex addiction a pornography addiction, an alcohol addiction, a gambling addiction or a drug addiction the defining fact in these addictions are cravings.

Cravings have only got one purpose and that is the voice in the mind to make you act out. So you’ve got to start to learn to deal and cope with those cravings and the purpose of those cravings is to give you permission to use or to watch porn or to gamble or to drink alcohol.

Think of it in terms like this. If you go to a used car yard the salesperson will tell you about the new car, the shiny new car, the low kilometres on the car, and the salesperson will tell you everything thats good about the car and just like the salesperson, the cravings will give you every reason why you should purchase that veichle. The salesperson is not going to tell you that it’s got a lousy gearbox. That it’s got rattles coming from the div and it blows smoke going up the hill.

This is what you’ve got to think about when you think of cravings is the craving part of the brain is going to tell you everything that is positive and why you should be acting out. But you’ve got to consider there’s a huge downside.

So then you’ve got to start to make a list of all those things that you don’t like about the addiction and all the things that pull you down and with that if you have a strong craving you have a think about all the reasons why you don’t want to act out.

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