Drug Addiction

Drug addiction is being addicted to a substance that is psychotropic  which alters how you, your body  and or brain would function. These can be placed into two categories being legal drugs or illegal drugs. Legal drugs would be over the counter from a pharmacy or illegal being  stimulants like cocaine, ice or speed, or depressants such as  opiates, and  heroin, or hallucinogens like acid (LSD). The most common type of street drugs you might have heard of are cannabis, cocaine, ICE (methamphetamine), Speed (amphetamine), ecstasy and magic mushrooms.

An  addiction to drugs means you have an uncontrollable compulsive urge and cravings to take drugs because you have a dependence on drugs. That dependence is usually physical and psychological. The drugs provide a pleasurable experience for the user and stops the person feeling bad. Some  drugs are more addictive than other drugs.

How to tell if you’re addicted to drugs

Because  of this different range of drugs that you can become addicted to this means there are also different kinds of signs or symptoms that you should look out for.

Some signs of drug addiction be aware of are

  • Find yourself avoiding
  • people who don’t take drugs
  • Avoid places where  you’re in public and unable to use drugs
  • Feel distressed when  you are not on drugs
  • Take drugs when you are experiencing negative emotions
  • Do things out of character to score the drugs
  • Undertake risky behaviour

Health  related issues because of drug addition are

  • Risk of overdose
  • Depression & anxiety
  • Memory loss
  • Losing weight
  • Attention loss
  • Drug induced psychosis including paranoia

 Some Long-term health risks of drug addiction 

  • cancer or cardiovascular issues
  • Flash backs
  • Psychotic disorders
  •  How  to get help

If you think you are addicted to drugs then it’s best to speak to someone you know and trust who can support you non judgmentally, if there is no one to talk to i suggest seeking help from an drug addiction counsellor and a GP to help you get off  the drugs or lower your usage. There is help for you out there and I  can help you get your life back on track with healthy coping mechanisms. Call me now for a free chat about your situation and help forward. 0418 720 176