fear of flying

A lot of guys come to see me because they have a fear of flying and they won’t admit it because they are ashamed of being weak. A typical client that comes to see me for fear of flying has to travel a lot for his work.

What happens is that he gets on the plane and he’s really apprehensive so he drinks too much alcohol, arrives at the destination and goes to a meeting, either he’s still intoxicated or he’s very hung over and things don’t go very well for him.

The average client when you talk to him tells you he has an absolute fear of turbulence. A lot of the clients will sit on the plane really apprehensively and listen intently for the weather report for what the pilot has to say about whether it’s going to be a turbulent flight of not. Instead of medicating with alcohol and instead of feeling this fear and anxiety there’s another way to deal with this.

So the typical client will come to me and the first thing we will do is unpack what the actual fear is. Everybody’s got  a different fear and some people fear the plane is going to crash. Other people fear that they can’t get out of the plane and other people fear the turbulence.

So how i work to help these people after getting their history is that the first thing i do is whats called biofeedback. With biofeedback i teach the guys to do their breathing, to think of something pleasant, to calm down their autonomic nervous system which means our heart rate will reduce, their breathing will slow down, their temperature will slow down, and they’re thinking of something pleasant. When they have mastered this i thin desensitize them by projecting on the wall the whole scenario from arriving at the airport, to checking the baggage in to boarding the plane to the safety instructions, to take off, reaching altitude, turbulence and then final decent, landing and getting off the plane and once I’ve done that i then connect them again to the biofeedback and do their breathing and then we show them again the whole scenario and then they are feeling a lot more relaxed and a lot more confident.

From then we explain about turbulence, turbulence is simply like being on the water and instead of having the waves of the water you’re talking about the air waves. Because we can’t see them we fear them. No different to driving a car, we don’t freak out when there’s a bump in the road and this is all explained. Once this is all done then we do hypnosis, in hypnosis we take a journey right through from go to landing and people then get the understanding that they do their travels to get what they want in their business and going by plane is part of their travels and they accept it.

So if you want a hand if you’re felling anxious about flying please give me a call on 0418720176 and i’m happy to have a confidential FREE chat with you.

Thank you for watching the video.

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