Gambling Addiction Therapy

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How Anything Can Be Within your Reach


ost of us start life well; we’re happy and carefree but at some point things can change.

I’m here to let you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With a caring and understanding ear, I’ll help you to uncover the things that are holding you back in life. Together, at your own pace, we can work through things like abuses, addictions, unhelpful habits and emotional issues.

We’re not protected when we should have been, we indulge too much in things that are bad for us, or we simply make the wrong decisions about who we are in the world.

Gambling Addiction Therapy


illions of Australians enjoy having the occasional flutter in a casino, TAB, sports betting, poker machine venues or bookmakers. However fun it can be, if your gambling habits are affecting personal relationships and/or your financial status, it is time to seek action.

If you find yourself using gambling as an escape for distress or certain situations, or if you find yourself gambling to try to win back losses, it’s time to change your habits. If you lie about your gambling activities, borrow money to gamble, feel elated when gambling, feel distressed when trying to refrain from gambling, try to recoup your losses or if you ignore responsibilities to gamble, it’s a sign of addiction. The first step to overcoming a gambling addiction is to admit that you have a problem. The next step is to commit to attending a gambling addiction therapy Melbourne practice.

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How to Stop Gambling Melbourne

I am John Arber and I am one of the leading practitioners in gambling therapy Melbourne has to offer. During my many, many years as a professional counsellor, I have helped people from all walks of life to understand and overcome gambling addiction. When trying to understand how to stop gambling, Melbourne residents turn to me for help and guidance.

Biological, social, and environmental factors can all contribute to gambling addiction. Together, we will work to uncover the triggers and root cause of your gambling addiction, how gambling makes you feel and understand any feelings of arousal or rewards that you get from gambling. We will identify contributing factors and influences on your gambling and uncover any underlying issues. I will equip you with the tools to form a different response to your behaviours. I will empower you with confidence and self-belief to resist urges to gamble.

Gambling addiction can have devastating effects on your personal and professional life. Breaking free from this addiction offers many rewards. By attending sessions at my gambling addiction Melbourne practice, I can help you to rebuild personal relationships, strengthen communication and parenting skills and lead a more positive and fulfilled life. You can regain control of your life and free yourself from the destructive consequences of your gambling addiction. No matter how challenging you feel that prospect may be, I can assure you that I have the skills to help you to attain your goals.

I want to empower you to be your full self. I want to help restore your confidence and your happiness, enabling you to be free from the gambling addiction that is holding you back from living life. I will empower you with excellent coping skills and a strategy for remaining free from gambling addiction in the long term.

Take the first step to a more positive life. Call me for a free confidential consultation today.