Have You Got A Gambling Problem?

Many people enjoy a flutter, and they enjoy it and they know when to walk away. But some of us with that addictive gene get hooked into that gambling and it’s really hard to admit that we’ve got a gambling problem because theres a lot of shame in it, and we cover it up and we hold it within ourselves.

It has a huge impact on us because we stop doing things that we would normally do, we think about gambling all the time. When we’re gambling we get frustrated and we gamble harder to try and recoup the losses of the day or even the past losses.

Therese even risks of people smoking, using drugs and all sorts of behaviours they might find them doing in the pursuit of their gambling habit.

The good news is there is help for people out there and if you’ve got a friend or a loved one of you feel yourself that they or you have a gambling problem, there is hope.

If you wanted to have a private non judgmental chat with me my contact number is 0418 720 176 and i’m really happy to have a chat with you.

Thank you

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