Have You Got Your Drinking Under Control?

beer bottles

Do you really think you’ve got your drinking under control?

Are you finding that you used to be able to come home sometimes and have a couple of cans and chill out and slowly you find that those couple of cans are not doing it anymore so you might have 3 or 4 cans.

Do you find yourself then wanting to chill out more days than not and drinking. Do you find your partner starting to complain about the quantity you’re drinking, perhaps you fall asleep on the couch, perhaps you get a little bit agro.

Do you find yourself when your partner gets annoyed with you and starts counting the drinking then when your partner goes out the room you down the drink really really fast then you quickly go and stash it in the bit so your partner doesn’t know about that extra can.

Do you find yourself then before you get home stopping at the pub and having a couple of quick ones so you can hide the amount you’re drinking. Do you find yourself having bottles of vodka and pouring them into water bottles and things at home are not very good and everyone around you is worried about the amount of alcohol you’re consuming. You find that this is now 7 days a week and you’re drinking a lot more over the weekends and you’re a bit concerned yourself.

So if you want to have a look at your drinking and take control of it again and moderate your drinking please give me a call on 0418720176 and i’m happy to have a confidential chat with you.

Thank you.

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