Habit or Addiction


On many occasions i might get a prospective client phone me and say to me “hey i’ve got this really bad habit that i’ve acquired” and that bad habit might be:

Drinking too much

Using drugs a lot



But the client sees it as being a bad habit, i think we’ve got to understand that there’s a vast difference between somebody having a habit and somebody having an addiction.

Having a habit simply means that theres no anxiety in stopping that habit, i want you to think about it if you say put on your left shoe everyday first and then you make a conscious decision to change that habit in putting your rihgt shoe on first. Theres no anxiety, theres no craving, it might feel a little bit strange at first but it’s so different to having an addiction.

An addiction is defined by:

Having intense cravings

Acting impulsively and compulsively

Not thinking about the consequences

So you’ve really got to have a good think when you have got this habit, is it really a habit or do you need to face the fact that it might be an addiction?

Most of the research shows that people that have got an addiction are the last people to realise it. If you think that your habit is really an addiction and you’re not quite sure. I’m really quite happy to take you through that with an obligation free phone call.

You can call me on 0418 720 176, thats 0418 720 176 and i’m happy to have an obligation free chat with you.

Thank you for watching this video.

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