Why Hypnotherapists Get A Bad Rep

I am a qualified hypnotherapist and have been for many years, and i’ll be the first person to say to you “watch out when choosing a hypnotherapist” because there are many out there that are practicing but are not as legitimate as they make out and you may be doing more harm than good.

Some concerning issues that are out there in relation to hypnosis therapists. Many are highly skilled and have training from a government recognised hypnotherapy RTO provider and also hold further university delivered counselling and behavioural qualifications to back this up.  Conversely there are practitioners out there making claims about their qualifications and expertise.

I’m going to explain to you what the warning signs are that you need to look out for:

  • Some hypnotherapists do have PHD’s and professional doctorates. If researching a practitioner, the title Dr looks impressive, but it is of no value if the PHD or doctorate is not relevant to hypnotherapy, for example a PHD in stem cell research or economics.
  • Some may hold a Doctorate in hypnotherapy (DHC) however this is a discontinued unaccredited degree from the Breyer State Universityin the United States.
  • Some may claim the title of Master Hypnotherapist however this title alone does not mean they hold a university master’s degree
  • Some claim they hold hypnotherapy certificates but unless they are State or Australian Government accredited courses, they cannot be called Diploma’s or Certificate IV’s
  • Hypnotherapists belonging to peak bodies are required to undertake professional development. This is excellent, but they are one- or two-day workshops, just an introduction to a specialty. For instance, there is a vast difference between attending a two-day addiction workshop opposed to holding a post graduate degree in addictions
  • Finally ensure they are members of peak bodies so they are fully registered and hold indemnity insurance and are qualified to practice.

When selecting a hypnotherapist make sure they are fully qualified not only with the skill of practicing hypnosis but have attained this skill from a government accredited course as well as having formal university degrees in counselling and behavioural studies enabling them competent and qualified to assist you in the issue you are seeking help to resolve.

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