Paying For Addiction Therapy Is Cheaper Than The Addiction

Today i want to talk about addictions and what they are. Theres different types of addictions, you can be addicted to alcohol, you can be addicted to drugs, you can be addicted to gambling, you can have pornography addiction you can have sex addiction you can even have shopping addiction. But all of them usually end up having the similar sort of consequences and before i talk about what the addiction is and definition of addictions i just want to make a comment that people have come into counselling pay money for the counselling and usually of course it’s not easy when we’ve spent a lot of money on an addiction to have money for the counselling but i think people have got to think that it’s a good investment because in the short term the person stops that addiction and therefore the financial strain becomes a lot less.

The criteria for addictions is pretty much the same throughout the spectrum whether is be sex addiction, drug addiction, alcohol addiction, shopping addiction or gambling is that we are doing more of the addiction than we what had first intended to. We spend more time doing it and we need to do more of it to get the same effect and of course it starts to have an impact on our relationships and we start to lose interest in the things that we would normally do and if we’ve had several unsuccessful attempts to stop.

Thats a real quick brief explanation of what an addiction is and if you want some help please give me a call on 0418 720 176 and i’m happy to have a non judgemental private confidential chat with you.

Thank you for watching this video.

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