Progressive Relaxation, A Tip To Calming Your Anxiety

We’re all locked down with COVID19 and at times most of us can feel an extent of anxiety and some people feel extremely anxious.

In this video i’m going to talk to you about what’s anxiety and i’m going to give you a really good tip on how to get yourself a lot more relaxed when you are feeling that way.

When we become anxious we get two things that happen, our mind starts racing and we start imagining¬†and catastrophising the worst case scenarios, the second thing that happens our body responds to that anxiety and if you’ve ever been anxious and you felt your heart racing and your sweating and you get that butterfly in your stomach thats what we call the autonomic nervous system kicking in. That means that our body gets ready to deal with that anxiety and it responds and reacts making us feel that way. It’s called the fight and flight response, so when we’re sitting there and we’re having some thoughts racing, our hearts racing, our tummies churning and what can we do about it?

One of the things we need to think about is to be able to have a way to calm down our autonomic nervous system and at the same time to calm down our thoughts and we can’t just tell ourselves to calm down and not think about it because the more we say that, the more we do that the more we’re going to think about it so my suggestion is that everybody who is feeling really anxious should maybe think about learning to do progressive relaxation. That’s simply to get yourself in a really comfortable spot, to close your eyes and then to work from the top of your head down to the tip of your toes.

To give you an example you scrunch your head up and then you relax it, then your shoulders, then your arms you flex your arms. We do that and slowly move down the whole body to the tips of our toes. It’s a very simple and quick method of concentrating our mind on relaxing ourselves and then out body then responds and relaxes. So give it a try, it’s called progressive relaxation.

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