Risks of Relapse – Post Rehab

You’re feeling really helpless and hopeless, you feel as though you’ve let everyone down.

You’ve done the detox, you’ve been admitted to a rehab and perhaps you’ve done a  4 week program or a 12 week program and you’ve say in the groups and maybe you connected, maybe you didn’t connect, maybe you did all of the programs and had all the one to one counselling and then it all came to an end, and remember whilst you’re in a  rehab that all your needs were met, you didn’t have the stresses of life, you didn’t have to worry about food or shelter. You only had that time to focus on your recovery. But guess what. You came out and if you went to one of those expensive overseas rehabs and you go to the airport and their was a bar there and you thought “what the heck” it’s right in my face.

Or even if you went to a local rehab and the programs finished and on the way home there they are the poker machines venues, the bottle shops, the pubs and then you got home and you thought you were doing really well and you went to the real world to check your email land you found yourself googling up the porn again and these are all of the things and the areas that you really need to be careful of post addiction rehab programs.

So when you come out it’s not that easy and it’s really important that you get intensive counselling, intensive support and intensive follow up because going to rehab doesn’t stop the triggers and it certainly doesn’t put you into the outside world where you can test everything out with all the pressures.

So if you want some ongoing support and help post rehab please give me a call 0418720176 and i’m really happy to have a confidential obligation free chat with you.

Thank you


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