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How To Save Your Marriage From Divorce

“For better or worse.” When two people get married, they’re making a pledge to stay together through the ups and downs of life.
Ideally, there would be more ups than downs. But life doesn’t always work like that. Throughout the course of a lifetime, spouses will find themselves facing innumerable challenges, and if they don’t know how to navigate those challenges as a team, they can find themselves growing distant, fighting, and wondering why they ever said “I do.”
When many couples get to that point, they give up and get divorced. But if you’re struggling in your partnership and wondering “How can I save my marriage?” there IS hope. With some hard work and commitment from both partners, you can get from “I want to save my marriage” to “I saved my marriage.”
Let’s take a look at just how to save a failing marriage and repair your relationship with your partner:

Admit there’s a problem

The first step to go from wondering “Hmm…how to fix my marriage” to actually fixing your marriage is to admit that you’re marriage needs fixing.
It can be difficult to admit that your marriage isn’t working. Many people find it easier to pretend that everything is ok than to admit to themselves or their partner that things aren’t going well. But making the admission and acknowledging that there are problems within the relationship is the first step to healing.
Once you and your partner have admitted that the marriage isn’t working as it is, you can start to work together to mend the relationship, fix the problems, and build a stronger marriage.

Stop playing the blame game

If you find yourself blaming everyone and everything for your failing marriage – your partner, your job, your children, your financial situation – you need to stop if you want to save your marriage.
Blame is toxic. As long as you’re focused on placing the blame on other people and things for the problems within your marriage, you’re not going to get anywhere.
And here’s why: the only thing you can change in any given situation is yourself. So if you want to make progress in healing your relationship, you need to look at how you’re contributing to the issues within the marriage and what you can change in order to make things better.
And the funny thing is, once you start making the changes to yourself, you’ll often find that the other situations you were blaming – the partner, the job, the children, the finances – start to change and get better at the same time.

Get the right help

If you’re marriage is seriously suffering and you find yourself thinking “I don’t know if I can save my marriage,” you should seriously consider reaching out for help.
Working with a counsellor to save your marriage can be completely life-changing. Working with the right counsellor can help you and your partner communicate more honestly, let go of resentments, and truly heal your relationship.
Are you struggling within your marriage? Do you want to save your partnership? Do you need help to heal your relationship? Get in touch for a free consultation and get your marriage back on track today.

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