Sex Addiction

Have you ever asked yourself what exactly is sex addiction? It is  vastly different to having a healthy libido.  Is it a real addiction. So you want to know how can I tell if I or someone i know might be suffering from sex addiction. Firstly, I think it’s important to point out that sex addiction just like any other type of  addiction be it drugs, gambling or alcohol addictions. It has differences though, as there are natural biological urges involved.  Sex addiction needs to be addressed  and dealt with affected person is to have a successful recovery.

Now, let’s explain what sex addiction is

Sex  addiction is a set or serious of behaviours that are done excessively, compulsively or repeatedly and which may also impact upon the person’s life in a negative way. Porn addiction is a type of sex addiction, often times people with sex addiction can start  out by watching porn and then over time they need more and more porn to meet their addiction and then start branching out to sex addiction with prostitutes or people they meet at work, pub or online to satisfy their addiction needs.

If  your partner is addicted to sex then you might feel humiliated, angry or sad and it would be a good idea to consider getting some emotional support or therapy for yourself to help you cope with this challenging time in your life.

Sex addiction results in intimacy issues

Your  partner is suffering from an intimacy disorder which means they have compulsive sexual thoughts and acts which will worsen over time if not addressed and treated and thus the negative impact on you or family members will also worsen. Some of that behavior  can be masturbation, pornography, phone or sex chats. Sex addiction can also be searching for multiple partners or loves or the use of brothels or prostitutes.  This can result in disinterest and erectile dysfunction with your regular partner

How  to seek help

Sex addiction is a difficult and confronting issue and is treated through counselling from a trained and qualified sex addiction counselor.  I have been a sex addiction counselor for over 15 years and have treated thousands of people in that time and I can also  help you too. If  you need some help to identify if you or someone you know may be affected by sex addiction, you can call my office for a free confidential chat about your situation. Or to get counselling for your sex addiction you can call my number is 0418 720 176

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