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Is Sex Therapy Right For Me?

Sex and intimacy issues can be challenging for many people to discuss. Because sex can still feel like a taboo subject, when faced with a sex or intimacy issue, many people stay silent and hope the issue will resolve itself rather than talk about it or get the help they need.
But sex and intimacy issues are extremely common, and with the right support, people can work through their sex and intimacy issues and enjoy satisfying sex lives. And often, the right support includes sex therapy.
If you’ve been struggling with sex and intimacy issues, you might be wondering “do I need sex therapy?” Let’s take a look at what sex therapy is and how it can help with the sex and intimacy issues you might be facing:

What is sex therapy?

Sex therapy (also known as intimacy therapy) is a form of counseling that helps people who are struggling with issues relating to intimacy, sex, sexual health, sexual identity, or any other issues related to human sexuality. Counselors and therapists who work in the sex therapy field go through specialized training in order to better support their clients – both individuals and couples – struggling with sex and intimacy issues.

What can I expect from a sex therapy session?

Many people think that sex therapy will feel sexual in some way, but the truth is, a sex therapy session is very similar to any other type of therapy session – except the focus is on working through issues surrounding sex and intimacy.
In your first session, your sex therapy practitioner will start the session by gathering a thorough psychological and sexual history to understand your background and where your sex and intimacy issues may stem from. They’ll also want to know any medical or relationship issues that could be a factor in the current sex and intimacy problems you’re experiencing.
After your practitioner has gathered your history, they’ll work with you (and potentially your partner) to further explore the sex and intimacy issues you’re experiencing. Sex therapists may use a number of different methods (like talk therapy and hypnosis) to help you better understand your issues and begin to resolve them.
Your sex therapist will likely give you assignments to work on outside of therapy to help you make progress in exploring and resolving your sexual issues, which you will then discuss in future sessions.
A sex therapy session will never involve anything sexual in nature.

Does sex therapy work?

The biggest question most people have when considering sex therapy is “does sex therapy work?” And the answer is yes. Sex therapy is an extremely useful tool in resolving sex and intimacy issues – as long as you do the work.
As mentioned, many people struggle with talking about sex and intimacy issues, but if you want to see results from sex therapy, it’s important that you remain open and willing to be honest with your therapist. The more open and honest you are, the more you’ll get from sex therapy.
If you’re struggling with sex and intimacy issues, hypnotherapy can be an extremely effective solution. Get in touch today to find out more about my hypnotherapy services and how they can help you on the path to healing.

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