Signs of Alcohol Dependance


I think most Australians would be absolutley surprised to know the latest research that shows people of the age of 45 years old if they drink more than 7 standards drinks per week they increase their risk ten fold of getting cancer related diseases through the alcohol.

So it’s a real surprise but it really brings home to roost the dangers of drinking too much, but how do we know if we get dependant on alcohol.

  1. The first sign is that we need more of the alcohol to get intoxicated.

2. Then we find ourselves drinking on more occasions than we were and we might start drinking earlier in the day or different times of the day that we didn’t

3. We might be thinking about alcohol more than what we were and looking forward to having that drink. The difference is between wanting the drink and needing the drink.

4. Have we started to lose interest in the things that we normally did because of our drinking?

5. Has it caused relationship issues?

6. Have we missed days of work because of hangovers?

7. Has is caused us physical or psychological harm through the drinking?

8. Has is caused problems in the marriage? Theres a lot of people come in and when they’re drinking their mood can completely change and they can become quite aggressive.

So they are the sort of signs that you’ve got to look for and if you need some help with your drinking of you’re worried you might be dependant on your drinking please give me a call John Arber, 0418 720 176, that’s 0418 720 176

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