Signs My Partner May Be Cheating On Me



  1. Your partner may take  more care of their appearance, especially if this is different than being around you.
    1. Out of character eats healthy
    2. Takes care of what clothes are worn
    3. Wearing unusual perfume 
    4. New hair style
  2. Changes in technology habits
    1. Is your partner using the phone and computer more frequently?
    2. Is your partner keeping the phone close?
    3. Does your partner take the phone into the shower or leave the room to answer calls?
    4. Does your partner suddenly switch windows when you walk past the computer?
    5. Is there suddenly a password added on your partner’s devices? 
  3. Has your partner become harder to contact or is out longer than expected?
    1. Has your partner suddenly gotten an altered schedule? Sometimes this can be normal, however if it occurs at unusual times and more frequently and is completely out of character this can be a sign of infidelity
  4. Changes in your sexual intimacy
    1. Has the frequency of sex suddenly increased or decreased?
    2. Do you feel your partner is ‘somewhere else’ during sex, emotionally detached?
    3. Has your partner stopped initiating or making excuses when you do so?
    4. Does it seem there is nothing you can do right in the bedroom?
  5. Has your partner become secretive
    1. Is your partner hiding bank statements, as infidelity can occur lots of expenses 
    2. Is your partner hiding phone bills?

These are some of the signs your partner may be cheating.

 Expert relationship therapist, John Gottman,  found it is not so much infidelity that destroys a relationship it is mis or non- communication. 

If you have approached your partner and the response has been deflecting, shutting you down or changing the topic effective communication with your partner is very effective. It is important to learn to communicate with your partner. You can learn these  skills in couples counselling. In these couples’ therapy sessions, you will be provided tools for more better effective communication between partners. This will foster honest and open dialogue between the couple without the defensive and blaming element, resulting in more effective outcomes.

Will couples counselling help?

If you feel you need to enhance you and your partners communication skills to work through infidelity in your relationship couples counselling is highly recommended.

If you would like to find out how couples’ therapy can improve your relationship, you are welcome to give me a call for a confidential chat. John Arber 0418720176 


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