Smoking Addiction Therapy

You’ll Learn How To Quit Smoking with a counsellor that cares!


How Anything Can Be Within your Reach


ost of us start life well; we’re happy and carefree but at some point things can change.

I’m here to let you know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. With a caring and understanding ear, I’ll help you to uncover the things that are holding you back in life. Together, at your own pace, we can work through things like abuses, addictions, unhelpful habits and emotional issues.

We’re not protected when we should have been, we indulge too much in things that are bad for us, or we simply make the wrong decisions about who we are in the world.

Smoking Addiction Therapy


he number of daily smokers in Australia is continuously falling as people break their addiction from cigarettes. The stats are looking promising, but breaking a smoking addiction isn’t easy, no matter how long you have been smoking for.

For many, the battle to beat a smoke addiction is continuously on-going. Millions have tried and failed several attempts and cannot seem to find a successful means of breaking the addiction. Let me tell you that there is a way that you can break free from your smoking addiction.

Like any addiction, the key to breaking free is to understand the triggers and determine a different response. That shift in behaviour can be achieved through attending sessions at a smoking addiction therapy in Melbourne.

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Smoking Therapy in Melbourne

I’m John Arber and I am a very qualified and experienced practitioner in smoking therapy. When trying to quit smoking you can turn to me to help them break free from their addiction. Even if you feel like you simply have exhausted all options and are resigned to never being able to stop smoking, I assure you, I can help.

Offering tools to deal with the cravings and finally breaking the habit I use a combination of behavioural therapy and quit smoking hypnosis so smokers can successfully break free from addiction with my help.

I help clients to visualise themselves as non-smokers and help them realise that this is a very possible reality. This is a goal that they can achieve. Often people fail to beat a smoking addiction because they do not have the motivation, tools or self-belief to see it through.

I will provide you with the support and encouragement to finally achieve your goal. Not only that, I will help you to learn how to handle stress and other triggers and reduce your urge to smoke. I will provide you with the tools to manage cravings and a strategy to remain free from smoking addiction in the long term.

You can quit smoking. I have helped people from all walks of life to beat smoking addictions. My calling in life is to help people beat debilitating habits so that they can live a more fulfilled life.

Breaking free from smoking addiction will not only offer physical health benefits but mental health benefits too. Through our one-to-one sessions, I will empower you to feel more confident and happy. Sustaining a life free from cigarette addiction can be a great boost for your self-esteem and self-worth. It can also help to improve relationships between family, friends and colleagues.

If you want to quit smoking once and for all, I’ve got the skills to help you attain your goal. Visit my comfortable, relaxing Melbourne practice or choose to conduct one-to-one sessions via Skype. When you want to quit smoking, I will make myself fully accessible to you. I’m here to help. I also provide Alcohol Counselling Drug Counselling as well.