Why You’ll Need A Specialized Therapist To Treat Sex Addiction

why do you need to see a specialized therapist with a sex addiction? Why you can’t just go to a standard addiction therapist.

There’s a big difference here between a sex addiction and an addiction. A sex addiction is very complicated, and think of it in terms of this. If somebody had a drug or alcohol addiction and they were put on a desert island and there was no alcohol or drugs but there was plenty of food, the person would then survive and the substances and alcohol is just not available and the physical cravings will go. However if you are on a desert island and you’ve got a sex addiction the biological desires will still come. So you can see there is a cast difference between a sex addiction or an alcohol or drug addiction.

Often the addictions are all combined and it could be substance induced sexual addiction. So the person has alcohol and a stimulant, perhaps cocaine or ICE to enhance the experience bu of course then comes all the sexual dysfunctions and the issues afterwards, and we’re talking about this as a result of acting out the addiction or perhaps watching the pornography. It means what happens in the real world is that all of our sexual energy has been spent and then with our regular partner we experience erectile dysfunction and anxiety.

So you can see couples are also involved often in sex addiction and porn addiction. So there is a difference and it’s very specialized also the difference between alcohol and drugs is that it’s discussed over the dinner table but certainly we don’t talk about sex addiction or pornography addiction over the dinner table or to any of our close people around us.

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