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Stages of Change, (Adapted from Prochaska and Diclemente 1982), beating your addictions
By John Arber

Whether it be alcohol, drugs, gambling, pornography or sex addiction, These stages will give you or a worried loved one an indication if they are ready to tackle that addiction and how I can help them.

Pre Contemplation Stage, you as a concerned person may point out that their loved one/relative has a serious addiction. At this stage, their response may be, ‘ I am doing fine and you worry far too much. At this point, they are not ready to change and apart from harm minimization there is not much that can be done.

Contemplation Stage is the point of change. The person is ambivalent about their addiction and the downside and negative consequences far outweigh any enjoyment.

Preparation and determination Stage means that the person starts to explore what help and assistance is out there to support them with their addiction, whether it is to moderate or stop completely

Action Stage. A person takes action and makes an appointment to commence addiction therapy

Maintenance Stage means the client and therapist identify the triggers, cravings and what is driving the addiction so goal strategies and tools are developed to combat cravings and acting out of the addictive behavior

Lapse and relapse stage means that the person has been triggered and returns to their comfort zone behaviors. A lapse means the person reflects on what occurs and learns what to do next time they are so tempted. This can be part of recovery. Conversely, a relapse means the person returns to the pre-contemplation stage fully back into their addiction.

It is quite usual for somebody to have various attempts at beating their addiction, each time they grow stronger and it becomes easier.

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