The Effects of Binge Drinking & Chronic Drinking


Are you worried about your drinking? Latest research shows that if people drink more than 7 standard drinks a week and they are 45 years old and over they have a 10times more risk of developing cancer from alcohol.

The statistics in general are not really good about alcohol and it’s really imporant that we make a choice, an informed choice about how much we drink.

Drinking and binge drinking in excess causes anxiety, it causes depression and it can cause relationship issues and it can cause people to not be able to concentrate. Theres also a myth that people wrongly grab hold of saying “i’m going to have a few drinks because i want to go to sleep, it makes me tired” but in fact sure the person may fall asleep initially but research shows people wake up around 3am. The reason for this is because the alcohol interrupts our circadian rhythms and we don’t go right down to those deep waves in which all the repairs happen to the body.

Normally a good nights sleep is 4-6 circadian rhythms of 40minutes each. But with alcohol we certainly don’t go through those cycles that are needed.

There’s a lot of negative effects of alcohol and drinking and i do concede that when people drink they get a euphoric effect and as their blood alcohol increases they feel really good. The trouble starts when the blood alcohol concentrate drops and thats where the anxiety/depression comes in.

So if you think you’ve got a problem with drinking or you’re worried about your drinking or worried about a friend that’s drinking or a family member. Please feel free to give me a call on 0418 720 176 and i’m quite happy to have a confidential, obligation free chat with you.

Thank you for watching this video.

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