Grieving After Loss

When we receive the news that somebody very close to us died, we first of all think that theres a mistake and they don’t believe them. From there we can become very, very numb and the reason we become numb is because there are so many negative emotional waves coming through that the body just shuts down the feelings as a protective mechanism. Also when we cry in sadness with a loss the tears contain sedatives, so usually after we have a cry we fall asleep so the crying has got a few purposes.

Then from there the reality starts to hit. This is the funeral and thats when we really start to realise that our loved one is not coming back and then sometimes we get caught up with the funeral, making the funeral, arranging the funeral and we put our grieving aside and at the time and in the early stages theres so much support, family and friends come around and usually provide food and support us. But when life starts to go back to normal for them, thats when our grieving can really come on strong.

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