WARNING: Read This Before Hiring An Addition Specialist


WARNING!! what you need to know

Lots of therapists are claiming to be sex addiction experts lately

Recently there has been a spate of therapists advertising in the area of being sex and or pornography therapists. This has come about because of the recent media publicity surrounding the magnitude of the problem, including my recent ANZ Addiction conference presentation, MMM Adelaide radio interview and Mandy Squires News Corp’s newspaper article in which I was interviewed and quoted. As a result, the bidding for search engine advertising has escalated as shamefully therapists scramble for a market share. In reality we must ask, ethically and as a duty of care which therapists are really fully qualified and have the knowledge and expertise clinical experience in this unique field to work with such a cohort?

Sex and pornography addictions are very complex and often encompass a range of comorbid presentations such as substance abuse, gambling, alcohol abuse, anxiety and depression and unresolved underlying issues just to name a few. Often one addiction is driving the other addiction and often partners are deeply affected also. So how do you chose a therapist who has such deep understanding and expertise in this area? Sadly, I have seen many clients who have presented to me who have encountered negative experiences from therapists with little training in this field.

Ask the therapist the following

  • Does the therapist hold post graduate university qualifications in the addiction and counselling field?
  • Is the therapist postgraduate qualified to work with couples?
  • How many years of clinical experience has the therapist got working specifically in this field?
  • How many clients has the therapist worked with over the years with sexual or pornography addictions
  • Has the therapist taught addictions at University?
  • Ask the therapist to explain Alcohol and stimulant Induced sex addiction.
  • Be wary if the therapist uses terms like a master therapist or who cites workshop training only!

If you feel you may be grappling a sex or pornography addiction, I am here to help you through your journey. Please feel free to call me for an obligation free, confidential, non-judgemental chat. Phone the expert John Arber 0418720176

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