What Is Binge Drinking?

So whats binge drinking?

Binge drinking is defined as drinking an excessive amount of alcohol over a short period of time and the Australia Government defines this as 7 standard drinks for males and 5 standard drinks for females. Theres a lot of adverse effects from binge drinking.

Binge Drinking can cause

  • a memory loss or called a black out in which you wouldn’t be able to remember anything and your blood alcohol content would be around 2.4.
  • grey outs where we can remember things if we are prompted, we can feel nauseous, we can feel sick and also we can not have any energy and we can feel very fatigued.

Theres a lot of long term ramifications for binge drinking and people have acquired

  • brain injuries from binge drinking over a period of time
  • cardiovascular disease from binge drinking over a long period of time
  • diabetes
  • liver cancer
  • other cancers as well

So binge drinking is something that can be a culture and people go out and they enjoy their drinks but just be aware of the risks and just be aware of how many drinks does constitute binge drinking.

You should contact an alcohol addictions counsellor if you feel you’ve got a problem or an issue or a loved one you’re welcome to give me a call on 0418 720 176 and i’ll be happy to have a confidential, non judgemental chat with you.

Thank you

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