Why Do People Attend Couples Counselling?


Many people are curious why people may attend couples counselling also known as marriage counselling. They also wonder what occurs during the sessions.

Couples counselling is useful for all relationships including gay, lesbian, transgender and heterosexual couples. Couples often attend  when they identify some issues that are affecting their relationship. Some common examples are

  • Communication has broken down
  • A clash in values
  • Compulsive lying
  • Lack of trust
  • Emotional intimacy has dwindled
  • Sexual intimacy issues including pornography and sexual addiction, infidelity, erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation,  or a mismatched libido, and in females a common diagnosable condition known as Female Sexual Dysfunction
  • Addictions such as gambling, drugs, alcohol
  • Past trauma and life experiences.
  • Grief and loss issues including adjusting to developmental stages
  • Chronic or terminal illness.
  • Working towards an amicable breakup

Couples counselling is similar but different to one to one counselling.  Instead of working with one person’s agenda and goals there are two people to consider. The principles of unconditional client regard,  being non-judgemental and confidentiality are still applied.  Naturally if there is a risk of harm to either person, children or others then mandatory reporting usually applies.

The differences are in the context of couples counselling what ever may be disclosed to the therapist, must be shared with the client’s partner. This is outlined in the initial session with both partners present. The reason for this is the therapist takes an impartial view and does not takes sides. It would be damaging to the therapeutic process and unethical if the therapist was holding on to information such as a partner disclosed an indiscretion or addiction. Usually the first few sessions are conducted with both parties’ present followed by some individually if appropriate.

If you feel you are now living like housemates or are concerned that your relationship is not doing well seeking couples counselling can be very beneficial. If you have any questions,  as a  post graduate university qualified couple’s counsellor I am happy to have an obligation free confidential chat with you. Please feel free to phone me 0418 720 176

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